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Professional Tools

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  • AdaCore
    An Ada Resource Association sponsor, Ada Core Technologies, developer and maintainer of the Ada 95 GNAT Pro Development Environment, specializes in high-level support and consulting for commercial users of GNAT.

  • Altran
    Altran, an Ada Resource Association sponsor, although not primarily a tool vendor, provides three toolsets for the High-Integrity Development, Validation and Verification of software systems where these toolsets have been of proven value:
    SPARK is a high-integrity subset of the Ada programming language. The SPARK Examiner checks conformance of code against the rules of SPARK, performs flow analysis and can generate Verification-Conditions for full formal proof of SPARK source code. In conjunction with the SPADE Simplifier and the SPADE Proof Checker, we can provide a suite of tools capable of aiding the development, testing and verification of safety critical systems written in SPARK Ada. For more on SPARK, see the SPARK Home page.

  • Atego
    Atego, an Ada Resource Association sponsor, is a world leading software tools and professional services company. Tools include the ObjectAda and ApexAda development environments.

  • DDC-I
    A global provider of software development tools for embedded systems, DDC-I offers compilers, run-time systems, and a complete range of support services for application development in Ada, C, and JOVIAL. DDC-I works closely with developers to maximize the efficiency, security and reliability of safety-critical real-time applications in industries such as aerospace, air transport, defense, medical, process control, and rail transport.

  • Ellidiss Software
    Ellidiss Software markets software tools supporting AADL, UML and HRT-HOOD modeling methods. AADL is the new systems development language being mandated on many new projects and Ellidiss’ toolset STOOD is the leading commercially available tool supporting this. HRT-HOOD is a real-time embedded software development method covering architectural and detailed design. Ellidiss software’s tools offer full documentation and code generation, are particularly suitable for the development of mission critical systems in Ada, C, or C++, and operate on UNIX, Linux and Windows. Data bridging tools are available to port data between platforms, and reverse engineering tools are available to capture an initial design from source code whether or not it was previously generated by a software tool.

  • Excel Software
    Provides design tools for Modeling Software and Managing Requirements with Ada 95 support.

  • GNAT for Macintosh
    Provides a full-featured Ada development environment for the Apple Macintosh computer.

  • GrammaTech, Inc.
    GrammaTech provides innovative software development and maintenance tools for industry, government, and academia. Our tools exploit the rules of a programming language’s syntax and semantics to automate tasks that most engineers still perform manually with conventional tools.

  • Green Hills Software
    Green Hills produces real-time operating systems (RTOS), integrated software development environments, and optimizing compilers for use in embedded system development.

  • ICS
    BX/Ada provides a complete solution for Mofif GUI developers using Ada, including a GUI builder, Motif Ada bindings, and support for most Ada compilers.

  • Irvine Compiler
    Irvine Compiler Corporation provides quality Ada development environments, hosted on various UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and VAX/VMS systems. Traditionally, customers of ICC demand high performance on a wide range of hardware for embedded, real-time, and native applications. ICC Ada flies on several military and commercial aircraft.

  • Lattix Inc.
    Lattix Inc. is a leading provider of innovative software architecture management solutions. The solution features new Ada modules which enable architects, developers and managers to visualize, test, and maintain the architecture of their complex embedded systems.

  • LDRA
    LDRA has developed software that automates code analysis and software testing for safety-, mission-, security- and business- critical markets.

  • Little Tree Consulting
    Little Tree Consulting provides software-quality analysis and improvement tools.

  • McCabe Software
    McCabe provides software security, quality, testing, release, and configuration management solutions.

  • McKae Technologies
    McKae Technologies provides a number of Ada tools. The DTraq Ada 95 Software Development Tool is a data logging and playback debugging tool providing near realtime data logging and analysis to aid debugging and validation. Captured, or ‘tapped’ data from a program can be viewed live while the program is running or, since it is being logged to a file, played back or printed out later for off-line review and analysis. Avatox converts Ada programs to XML (which can then be used for further analysis).

  • Midoan Software Engineering Solutions Ltd.
    Provides Mika, an automatic test generation tool for Ada. Mika analyses your Ada code and generates tests that will exercise all the branches or decision within your code.

  • Objective Interface Systems
    Objective Interface is a worldwide leader of embedded and real-time middleware solutions. We provide CORBA-based development tools to meet the high-performance needs for telecommunications, data communications, industrial automation, consumer electronics, military and aerospace markets. Our products, sold worldwide, are used in a variety of real-time and embedded applications including telecommunication switches, network management, vehicle control systems, nuclear fusion ignition facilities and more.

  • OC Systems
    OC Systems provides heroic state-of-the-art software tools and services that improve quality and availability of e-business and other mission-critical systems.

  • Polyspace Technologies
    Polyspace Technologies provides the Ada Verifier. The Ada Verifier relies on unparalleled static analysis techniques to detect runtime errors at compile time in Ada83, Ada95 applications (Products are also available for C and C++). Thanks to an earlier detection of errors, the product is highly suitable for reducing debugging, code inspection, and white-box testing efforts meanwhile providing dramatic software quality level improvement.

  • PragmAda Software Engineering
    PragmAda Software Engineering provides the PragmAda Reusable Components (PragmARCs) as open-source software. Ranging from the basic-but-essential to the high-level, using the PragmARCs reduces the amount of software written for an application by an average of 50%. (This is a representative figure. Actual results may vary.) The PragmARCs are pure Ada; they should work with any compiler and operating system on any platform.

  • PrismTech
    PrismTech is a leading provider of enterprise, real-time and embedded CORBA technologies. PrismTech’s OpenFusion OrbRiver Ada is a high performance, robust and feature rich Ada Object Request Broker (ORB) specifically designed for use in safety critical real-time applications.

  • QA-Systems’ AdaTEST 95
    A software verification product that provides automated facilities for dynamic testing, coverage and static analysis, AdaTEST has been used on many safety-critical and high-integrity software development programs.

  • Raincode
    The Belgian company produces RainCode for Ada, which is a quality control technology that operates on large amounts of existing Ada code, both legacy or during development. RainCode detects, counts, and measures non-trivial things in your Ada code, and it can take any corrective or preventive action in it.

    RAPID is the Rapid Ada Portable Interface Design tool. It generates Ada code using a platform independent GUI library, which is available for many systems, including Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.

  • Rapita Systems
    Rapita Systems develops software tools for on-target verification, optimization and code coverage of critical real-time embedded systems.

  • RR Software, Inc.
    R.R. Software was the first company to implement the then new Ada programming language on a microcomputer. RRS offers Ada 95 development systems for Windows, MS-DOS, and Unix, and a object-oriented Windows GUI framework, Claw.

  • SCI Tools/Understand for Ada
    Understand for Ada is an interactive development environment (IDE) tool offering reverse engineering, automatic documentation, code navigation and understanding, metrics, maintenance and cross reference tool for Ada 83 and Ada 95 source code. It is designed to help engineers who have inherited large amounts of Ada legacy code, or those whose Ada projects have grown to immense size or complexity.

  • Sinelabore
    SinelaboreRT generates Ada source code from UML state diagrams. It is a simple command line tool that fits the requirements of embedded real-time and low power application developers.

  • Vector Software
    Vector Software’s VectorCAST is an integrated software test solution that automates tasks associated with testing software components for programs written in Ada83, Ada95, and other languages. Automation includes: complete test harness construction, test generation, test execution, code coverage analysis, regression testing and static measures for code complexity and basis path analysis.

Trainers and Consultants

  • Absolute Software Co., Inc.
    Absolute Software has offered training and consulting since 1985, specializing in software engineering and object-oriented development. They periodically offer public classes in Ada 95.

  • Adalog
    Adalog specializes in high level training, expertise and consulting in the domains of the Ada language, design methods, and software engineering in general.

  • AdaRose
    AdaRose, Inc., is an employee-owned small business founded to preserve a unique engineering capability, built over time, in software development, software maintenance, systems engineering and systems integration. They focus on adapting current technology to build or re-host complex systems, while providing user-friendly interfaces to maximize productivity.

  • Protean Code Ltd
    Protean Code is a limited company providing senior-level consultancy in the engineering of critical computer software and systems.

  • Pyrrhus Software
    Pyrrhus Software provides long-lived, proven software solutions for application development, training, project management and quality assurance. Pyrrhus Software’s team of experienced engineers provides expert engineering services, including safety-critical real-time embedded systems.

  • Software Arts & Sciences
    Software Arts & Sciences is a software engineering consulting company providing development and training for advanced real-time systems.

  • SPARK Sure
    SparkSure is an independent consultancy offering services in the production of high-integrity Ada. There are a number of SPARK tutorials on their website.

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