Rationale for Ada 2005

John Barnes
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9.3 Unfinished topics

A number of topics which seemed to be good ideas initially were abandoned for various reasons. Usually the reason was simply that a good solution could not be produced in the time available and the trouble with a bad solution is that it is hard to put it right later. In other cases it is now felt that the topic deserved further consideration in the light of better understanding; sometimes there was fairly general agreement that the current situation was not ideal and ought to be improved, nevertheless there was no agreement on what should be done. And in some cases the good idea seemed a bad idea after further discussion.
So it might be that when Ada is next revised these further features might be reconsidered and so perhaps this section might be called forthcoming attractions. But on the other hand maybe other matters will need to be dealt with in the light of user experience with Ada 2005.
The following subsections briefly outline the main topics — for a fuller discussion, consult the text of the Ada Issue concerned.

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