GNAT GPL 2011 now available!

by AdaCore

GNAT GPL 2011, the integrated Ada, C, and C++ toolset for Academic users and FLOSS developers is now available for download. This new edition provides many new features and enhancements in all areas of the technology. The most notable ones are:

– Improved support for Ada 2012
– Enhanced versions of tools
– GPS 5.0 enhanced IDE (improved support for C/C++, more powerful source editing, better usability, ….)
– GtkAda (new widgets, interface to the Cairo graphics library)
– More flexible and more efficient project manager tool
– Support for unloading Ada plug-ins
– Improved support for Ada constructs on the .NET platform
– More detailed exception messages (-gnateE switch)
– Complete support for Lego MINDSTORMS hardware, including audio and I2C sensors

GNAT GPL 2011 comes with version 5.0.1 of the GNAT Programming Studio IDE and GNATbench 2.5.1, the GNAT plug-in for Eclipse.

To download, please visit

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