Ada speaks many languages

by AdaCore

We were recently contacted by Jovana Milutinovich asking if she could translate the Why Ada? archive page into Serbo-Croatian. Her work can be read here:

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  1. An effort to translate to several languages is a good, while it is better to organize semi-automated translation service, where any volunteer can attach its experience, at least in short.

    So the best format for such organizing looks like a wiki engine, incorporating any other ada-related wiki “islands” into one shared, big and multilingual.

    Do you plan?

  2. I received a similar request. It seemed to me like spam (they do a Google translate; you link to them; they then gain Google juice).

    Someone else had similar thoughts:

    Brian Kelly

  3. You should be aware that these “translation” services are a thinly-veiled scam to get you to put a link to their site (WebHostingGeeks), which will improve their Google PageRank.

    Don’t you think it’s a little random that they would choose that specific page to translate, and no other pages?