Ada Projects

Ada continues to be used extensively in its traditional domains of avionics, aerospace, transportation and defense but you’ll also find it popping up in some unexpected places. The following is a list of just some of the companies and projects using Ada today.

Air Traffic Control

EuroControl – European air traffic control organization (34 member states)
Over 20 Government ATC Agencies – including: Canada, China, UK and USA
National Air Traffic Services (NATS) – Interim Future Area Control Tools Support (iFACTS)
NATS – New En Route Centre (NERC) system
Lockheed Martin – En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM)
Lockheed Martin – User Request Evaluation Tool (URET)

Aviation (Commercial)

Airbus – Aircraft: A320, A330, A340, A350 XWB
Boeing – Aircraft: 787, 777, 767,757, 747-400, 737-200, (and others)
Canadian Air – Aircraft: Regional Jet
Fokker – Aircraft: F 100
Ilyushin – Aircraft: II-96M
Raytheon – Aircraft: Beechjet 400A (business jet)
ULA – Atlas and Delta Expendable Launch Vehicles
Barco – Advanced Jet Avionics Display

Aviation (Defense)

BAE Systems – Aircraft: Harrier, Hawk
Boeing – K767 Tanker, C130 AMP
EADS – Aircraft: Tornado, A330 MRTT
Eurocopter – Aircraft: Tiger and NH90 helicopters
Eurofighter GmbH – Aircraft: Eurofighter
Lockheed Martin – Aircraft: F-16, F-22, C-130J
Martin Baker – Aircraft: F14, F18 and T-45

Communications, Satellites and Receivers

Inmarsat – Voice/data communications to ships and mobile communications
Hertz – NeverLost GPS receiver
RadarSat Intl. – NeverLost GPS receiver
Astrium in the UK – Sentinel-1

Defense Related Projects

Honeywell – Modular Azimuth Position System
MBDA – Missile systems
Thales – Astute-Class Submarine Periscope
Raytheon – Ship Self-Defense System (SSDS)
Raytheon – Extended Air Defense Test bed Simulation and Modeling Toolkit
Raytheon – Cobra Dane Radar System

Rail Transportation

Channel Tunnel
French High-Speed Rail System (TGV)
Hong Kong Suburban Rail
London Underground
Paris Metro and Suburban Rail

Financial Applications

BNP Paribas


Lawrence Livermore National Labs
National Ignition Facility

For more Ada projects be sure to consult Michael B. Feldman’s Real-World Projects ListReal-World Projects List
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