Press Release

Members of the SPARK team from Altran UK will be attending the Ada-Europe 2014 conference to exhibit, present information about the SPARK technology, and provide a full-day tutorial about the SPARK language. They will be featuring the recently released next generation of the SPARK toolset which includes support for the latest version of the language, SPARK 2014.

On Friday 27th June, Altran UK will be presenting one of the tutorial sessions in collaboration with our partners, AdaCore: Introduction to Verification with SPARK 2014. This tutorial will provide a broad overview of the SPARK 2014 language as well as an introduction to one of the most novel features of the language – the dual nature of the contracts as both executable and mathematical statements and how these can be verified by testing, proof, or a combination of the two. In the afternoon, the tutorial will look at the more advanced features of the language and toolset that are essential for industrial-scale specification. The tutorial will include hands-on exercises using the SPARK toolset.

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