Press Release
AdaCore announced the winners of its fifth annual Make with Ada programming competition for embedded projects. The contest ran from July 31, 2020, through January 31, 2021, and attracted 173 participants from all over the world. First place went to Tharindu Suraj Liyanage, Founder, and CEO of UAV-based startup SRQ Robotics, for his Autonomous Crazyflie with ToF Sensors. The project added additional sensors to the Crazyflie drone. The Student Prize was awarded to Ahmed Hamdy, an MSc. Computer & Systems Engineering student at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for his Ada Accelerometer Driver + Stable Nerve Game. He used the Ada language to write an accelerometer driver for LSM303AGR on a BBC:MicroBit v1.5, then used that driver to make a small game that challenges the player to keep the MicroBit in an almost flat position where acceleration along X and Y axes is close to zero.
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