Ada 95 Quality and Style Guide Authors & Acknowledgments


The Consortium wishes to recognize all of the nearly 100 contributors to previous versions of this style guide written to support Ada 83, including its authors, editors, and distinguished reviewers. The contributors to this version of the style guide include the authors, Ms. Christine Ausnit-Hood, Mr. Kent A. Johnson, Mr. Robert G. Pettit, and Mr. Steven B. Opdahl, and the following Distinguished Reviewers, Expert Reviewers, and Technical Advisors.

Distinguished Reviewers:

Expert Reviewers:

Technical Advisors:

Thanks to the other contributors who forwarded their comments, guidelines, and examples, including Lisa Chan, Bo Sanden, Wesley Groleau, Terry D. Humphrey, Pascal Leroy, Gilles Demailly, Philippe Kipfer, Tomas Peterson, Ted Baker, Mike Dingas, Willem Treurniet, T. A. Vo, and Dave Weller.

Special Thanks to the Following:

Ed Seidewitz, Tim Harrison, Bill Beckwith, Ken Garlington, Tucker Taft, Chuck Engle, and Don Reifer for taking time from their busy schedules to attend the Distinguished Reviewer Technical Interchange Meetings.

Mike Evans and Dan Hocking from the Army Research Lab for providing electronic meeting support at the Distinguished Reviewer Technical Interchange Meetings.

Philip Brashear for rewriting Chapter 10.

Mike Feldman and Brian Kallberg for their updates to the dining philosophers problem.

John Barnes for providing extracts from his new book.

GrammaTech, Inc., who made the new version of their Ada-ASSURED product available. The examples were formatted in whole or in part using their tool.

In addition, Bobbie Troy and Mary Mallonee provided technical editing; Debbie Morgan and Lisa Smith provided word processing; and Bobbie Troy provided clean proofing.

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