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J.10 Specific Suppression of Checks

Pragma Suppress can be used to suppress checks on specific entities. 


The form of a specific Suppress pragma is as follows: 
  pragma Suppress(identifier, [On =>] name);

Legality Rules

The identifier shall be the name of a check (see 11.5). The name shall statically denote some entity.
For a specific Suppress pragma that is immediately within a package_specification, the name shall denote an entity (or several overloaded subprograms) declared immediately within the package_specification.

Static Semantics

A specific Suppress pragma applies to the named check from the place of the pragma to the end of the innermost enclosing declarative region, or, if the pragma is given in a package_specification, to the end of the scope of the named entity. The pragma applies only to the named entity, or, for a subtype, on objects and values of its type. A specific Suppress pragma suppresses the named check for any entities to which it applies (see 11.5). Which checks are associated with a specific entity is not defined by this International Standard.

Implementation Permissions

An implementation is allowed to place restrictions on specific Suppress pragmas.
3  An implementation may support a similar On parameter on pragma Unsuppress (see 11.5). 

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