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New sponsorship opportunities, enhanced website

OAKTON, Va., May 16, 2011 – The Ada Resource Association (ARA), a non-profit organization chartered to sustain and promote the Ada programming language, today announced a new organizational structure designed to strengthen the association’s Ada advocacy role and to offer a wider range of opportunities for community participation and support. To help launch this initiative, the ARA has introduced a revised Ada Information Clearinghouse (AdaIC) website – – to serve as a focal point for Ada-related news and information.

Under the new organizational structure, the ARA has initiated a set of tiered sponsorship levels – Contributor, Silver, Gold, and Platinum – and is soliciting participation from organizations and individuals seeking to gain marketing exposure in the Ada community. Each sponsorship level brings a corresponding set of benefits for publicity on the AdaIC website. The website, which attracts a large amount of traffic on Ada-related topics via Google and other search engines, has been enhanced to take advantage of current technology (RSS feeds, blogs, etc.), and its scope has been broadened to cover technologies, such as safety-critical software, Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS), programming for multicore architectures, and hard real-time systems. The AdaIC’s modern and dynamic website will serve as a central resource for the Ada community and will offer ARA sponsors the tangible benefit of a new and effective channel for making customers and prospects aware of their Ada-related products, services and activities. Sponsors can post current news, recently published articles, press releases, and other information that may be of interest to the Ada community at large.

“The new ARA structure and the upgraded AdaIC website open up a whole new set of marketing opportunities for any organization or individual involved with Ada,” said Ben Brosgol, ARA President. “It seems like whenever we turn around we see a news report of some software disaster caused by program bugs or vulnerabilities, so it’s not surprising that we’re finding a growing interest in Ada technology to help avoid these problems. The new ARA offers its sponsors a practical and cost-effective approach to take advantage of this interest. We’ve structured the sponsorship levels to be affordable to organizations of all sizes, and we’re looking forward to attracting many new sponsors as we serve the Ada community in 2011 and beyond.”

About the ARA

Since its inception, the Ada Resource Association’s principal objective has been “to ensure continued success of Ada users and promote Ada use in the software industry.” On the technical side, the ARA helps support the continued maintenance of the ISO Ada language standard and its associated infrastructure, including the Ada Conformance Assessment Test Suite (ACATS), and the Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS). This work has been instrumental in ensuring the smooth evolution of the Ada language. Complementing its support for this technical activity, the ARA also has an important role in publicizing Ada. This is principally achieved through a website – the Ada Information Clearinghouse ( – administered by the ARA. The AdaIC website provides news and information about Ada in general (for example links to Ada application stories and Ada training resources) and about ARA sponsors in particular.

The growing list of ARA sponsors includes: AdaCore, Altran Praxis, Ellidiss Software, LDRA, and SofCheck, and Mr. Vadim Godunko as a Contributor.

For more information on the Ada Resource Association, or to learn the benefits of becoming a sponsor, please visit


Ben Brosgol

ARA President

Jessie Glockner

Rainier Communications
Tel: 508-475-0025 x140
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